Retail Information Systems
Beyond Transactions


Retail Information Systems (RIS) has taken a fresh approach to Card Present Payments, Retail Intelligence and On Demand Terminal Applications.

RIS was established in 2002, to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to the global market that had previously been considered unavailable.

All RIS solutions are thin client, on-demand and provide financial institutions, terminal vendors and merchants, a platform to service a suite of products to grow their existing merchant or customer base.

The proprietary RIS Technology and Operating System are Bank, POS Terminal/Device agnostic allowing our clients the flexibility to choose which POS devices they wish to use to deploy our solutions.

POS Terminals

The i-RIS Operating System and suite of Applications can be customized to suit any POS Terminal device. Applications including Card Present financial payments, ECR/POS integration, and a range of VAA's in any language are available upon request.

Device Management

The RIS Terminal Device and Management Systems (TDMS) allows Banks, ISO's and Merchant Groups to track the exact status of any make/model of POS Devices, Merchant Sign Ups through to which POS Terminal Applications have been 'enabled' and the timing of installation and deployment. It is a central repository for all elements critical to POS Device installation and ongoing monitoring.

Other Cool Stuff

All RIS applications have the ability to work over dial up, broadband or GPRS technology, and can be deployed in any language or dialect (multi-lingual). We provide a suite of thin client, On-Demand Banking and Merchant POS (Payment Terminal) solutions which can work across POS Terminals, Smartphones or Tablet devices.
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